Jacob Carter

Jacob Carter is a British artist living and working in Birmingham, UK. He creates performances, sound atmospheres, handmade instruments as well as facilitating participatory projects through workshops. His recent projects have explored how developing a community of artists can help construct contemporary and radical ways of performing sound within virtual spaces. These have included workshops such as The Art of Mimicry, where participants used their voices and domestic objects to create background noise in response to online appropriated videos. He is interested in iterative ways of working, approaching research and making from an exploration of materiality. Through experimentation with the aesthetic qualities of pattern and materials, he is currently engaged in identifying what constitutes a culturally significant object, and how we can build fictional histories and importance to the art object.

Jacob Carter is also co-founder of Oddball Space, an art collective aiming to create am exciting space for up and coming artists. We help promote artists and organise events.Visit our site

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